Our Facility – ISO 9001:2015 Certified

There are no jobs too big for our 60,000 square foot facility with 30+ machines ranging from 55 to 610 tons.

“All in one facility”


What Does That Mean for Your Company?


That means we can handle all jobs, small or big, easy or difficult! Also, your job will be completed in our facility and not outsourced or sub-contracted to other molding facilities because we do it all!

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Additional Capabilities

  • ISO 14644 Clean Room
  • Gain Technologies Gas Assist
  • Hot stamping machines ranging from 1 to 5 tons
  • 3 axis parts picking robots


Machine Shop / Tool Room

  • Sodick Sinker EDM/CNC
  • Haas Machining Center
  • Tree Journeyman H-25-3 axis CNC w/digitizing, AutoDesk
  • Lagun FTU-4E mill
  • Tree 2UVR vertical mill
  • Bridgeport 1:1 True Trace milling machine
  • Handsvdt EDM
  • Kuhlmann pantograph
  • Harig surface grinder
  • Cincinnati #2 cutter grinder
  • Lathes from 10” to 24” swing
  • Handsvelt 20 amp EDM
  • Miller tig welder
  • Miller mig welder

Quality Assurance Department

  • Falcon 3-Axis Video Measuring Microscope
  • Optical Comparator
  • SPC software for CPK data collection
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • PPaP
  • CPK
  • PPK

SMI is a modern facility with the following major equipment:

3ToshibaEC250 Electric20
1ToshibaEC180 Electric8.11
1ToshibaEC390 Electric64
1ToshibaEC610 Electric61
1Cincinnati110 Electric5
3ToshibaEC85 Electric3.4
1ToshibaEC55 Electric1.6
1ToshibaEC200SX Electric6.5
2Cincinnati MT45054
2Cincinnati MT31041
1Cincinnati MT22022
3Cincinnati MT1707
3Cincinnati VT1657.5
2Cincinnati VT1108
1Sumitomo SH100A6

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